A/B Testing in Digital Marketing

What is A/B Testing in Digital Marketing?

What is A/B Testing in Digital Marketing? | If you are new to the marketing world, you have probably heard the term “A/B testing.” But what exactly is it?

Before you can understand A/B testing, you have to understand when it is utilized. In digital marketing, there is organic content and paid content. Organic content is anything that is created and posted online without a budget behind it. Paid content is developed with a budget in mind.

A/B Testing falls under the paid content category. In a paid ad, there are several moving parts to consider. There’s the goal of the ad, the ad copy, the target audience, the ad assets, and even the action that leads can take on the ad. 

You could be going back and forth between two goals for an ad and want to see which your target audience prefers. OR you could be wanting to test how an ad performs between two separate audiences. Both of these scenarios are considered A/B testing. 

So how do you know which ad in an A/B test is successful? You can tell which ad is successful due to the amount of reach, amount of action taken, and how much budget is spent. That said, it really depends on the goal of the ad. If you are testing clicks versus calls, you wouldn’t look at reach to determine success. 

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