algorithm changes frustrated girl at desk with laptop and notebook

Understanding Algorithm Changes

Have you ever been really proud of yourself for feeling like you’ve mastered a social site’s algorithm? Just to find out the next day that they CHANGED IT?! How dare they!

The reality is algorithms are forever going to change. Why is that? To be honest, developers are always tweaking social sites to create a better user experience. With a better user experience comes less exposure to brands (which means these changes don’t typically work in the favor of small to medium-sized business owners).

Going through these changes can feel exhausting and defeating. You feel like your efforts are working. You are finally starting to see an increase in engagement! And then all of a sudden it all falls apart…

What can you do? First off – If you are feeling defeated by the recent algorithm changes, you are not alone. At Custom Digital Solutions, LLC we are constantly revamping our own digital strategy as well as our clients. This could be as simple as changing the days of the week that we post, the length of our posts, the number of hashtags, etc.

We recommend finding a favorite source to keep up with all the algorithm changes. Obviously, we should be your first source 😉 but if you use others we won’t be mad!

Here are some of our favorite resources:

If you are feeling really frustrated – Hop on a call with our Owner, Audrey Coates! She is happy to provide further insight on industry changes as well as tips on how to tackle them.

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