Digital Marketing in Charleston

Digital Marketing in Charleston SC

Digital Marketing in Charleston, SC | Are you a business owner in the Charleston area? Have you been pondering how to capture the attention of your target audience amongst your competitors and make your brand stand out? Have you been looking for a sign to take the plunge with digital marketing

Well, consider this your big flashing sign.

You can no longer not have a presence on social media. Why? Well, because the pulse of every industry exists online. Our entire lives revolve around small devices that remind us when to get up and stand, when to breathe, when our next appointment is, and allow us to instantly be connected to friends and family through an array of platforms. The real question is, why would you not capitalize off of it?

The first step to making your brand stand out in Charleston…

 is to figure out where your audience spends their time online. According to marketers and specialists at sprout social, the following is a simple demographic breakdown of where your audience is typically spending their time online (See infographic at end of post for more information):

Facebook – A great way to reach a male and/or female audience between the ages of 18-64+.

Instagram – A great way to reach a male and/or female audience between the ages of 13-29.

Twitter – A great way to reach a male and/or female audience between the ages of 17-29.

LinkedIn – A great way to reach a male and/or female audience between the ages of 18-64+.

Pinterest – A great way to reach a female audience between the ages of 18-49.

Digital Marketing in Charleston

Deciding where your digital marketing efforts need to be:

Taking a look at this information, can you pick two main platforms you think your brand should be on? If you said yes, you are one step closer to putting together an online strategy. 

The next part in successfully reaching your target audience online is knowing what they care about and how to talk to them. Why is this important? Because if you don’t understand what your clients care about, you can’t develop a relationship with them online. 

In Charleston, there are several local groups your target audience could belong to. There are several colleges they could be attending. And they more than likely are proud of the area of town they live in. For example, if your goal is to target moms in West Ashley, you would not talk to them online the same way you would a salesman who lives in the downtown area. Why is this? Because their lives and cares are (more than likely) totally different. Figuring out how to talk to your audience and captivate them is an art form. Are you ready to master it?

Are you ready to have your brand taken seriously?

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