Time Online

Where Should You Be Spending Your Time Online?

There are tons of resources and methods out there to see how people access your content and website!

Ever wonder if you’re putting your time and energy into the right platforms?

I’ll share a secret with you: It really depends on where your audience is spending their time. This could be one specific platform. However, it could be a few different platforms.

So how do you know which one(s) are a good fit for your business? How do you determine where your target audience is spending their time online? This is where an audience analysis comes in handy and we are here to help!

There are tons of resources and methods out there to see how people access your content and website. Several social media platforms even offer insights directly in their admin dashboards (thanks, Facebook)!

3-Step Approach

At Custom Digital Solutions, LLC, we take a 3 step approach to determine where our clients need to be spending their time online.

  1. We do an initial Buzz Session to learn about each of our customer’s desired audience
  2. Next, we do a deep dive into Google Analytics. (Don’t have Google Analytics set up? No problem! Our team is here to help). Analytics allows you to see where current traffic is coming from. It also helps guide our team on what needs to be done to get your content in front of the right eyeballs.  
  3. We consistently post and monitor on the determined social platforms. We like to keep a close eye on engagement and performance so we can make tweaks quickly.

Ready to know where you should be spending your time online?

Are you ready to be on the right platforms? Contact us here for a free Buzz Session! We can discuss your business goals and narrow in on where you should really be spending your time, as well as next steps.

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